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Reverse Osmosis

Membrane separation : UF (Ultra Filtration), RO (Reverse Osmosis).

Ultra Filtration (UF), Reverse osmosis (RO) could be imagine as a very sophisticated type of filtering process (on molecular level). In both systems, pressure is applied across a membrane to force water from the "contaminated" side to flow through to the "clean" side ( permeate water ). Ultra Filtration (UF) separate organic material ( high molecular weight ) and operate at low pressure, 2-3 bars. Reverse osmosis (RO) separate all type of ions from the water and operate at medium high pressure depending from the source of the water, plant design and other parameters.

Inorganic salts deposition or organic fouling builds up on the membrane side where the pressure is applied can lead to loss of efficiency of the membrane, low water output! Bozzetto has developed a unique product range HYDRODIS® RO series for preventing and removing scale formation and organic fouling on the membrane surface.

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