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Cooling systems water treatment

The Bozzetto product range includes SEQUION® phosphonates, new polymers HYDRODIS® -organophosphonates derivatives, the latter being designed for extending the traditional use of phopsphonates in more hard and extreme conditions. Both product range can be used as antiscalant, dispersant and chelants in cooling water treatment water treatment applications, open and closed systems .
The goals of a water treatment service company are to control corrosion, scale, fouling and microbiological growth in the cooling water systems. SEQUION® and HYDRODIS® are cost-effective components of the treatment package for several reasons:

  1. They are extremely effective threshold scale inhibitors. They can be used alone or in combination at very low levels to control the calcium, magnesium, carbonates and sulphates which are concentrated in the cooling tower through evaporation.
  2. SEQUION® are good corrosion inhibitors, especially in combination with other corrosion inhibitors , they are used to stabilize these corrosion system programme.

  3. New polymers HYDRODIS® - are very effective dispersants, helping to prevent fouling and they allow to operate with water at high LSI values. An adequate programme may also reduce or eliminate scale already deposited.
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