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Pulp and Paper

“SEQUION” application can provide:

Calcium carbonates inhibition hight antiscale efficiency and excellent temperature stability. Scale reduction with easy removal of eventual deposits.

Less downtime for cleaning. Sequion can be applied whenever scale formation can affect process efficiency.

SEQUION 20 H 45, 10 H 60, 40 Na 32 can conveniently be used as antiscale products substoichiometric levels.

Bleaching stabilizers:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is increasingly utilised in pulp bleaching as a substituent for chlorine bleaching. Hydrogen peroxide bleaching need stabilisers to avoid catalytic decomposition induced by heavy metals (Fe,Mn,Cu).

SEQUION are excellent stabilizers for H2O2 , unlike polycarboxylic sequestrants (e.g. EDTA – DTPA) efficiency of sequion is mantained in alkaline-strong oxidising media used for pulp bleaching.

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