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The SEQUION range are extremely effective dispersants.

They can be used to reduce the viscosity of coatings and slurries and as dispersants for water based paints.

SEQUIONS, have the required heavy metal chelation properties which allow for the control of heavy metals in case they would interfere with the stability of the paint

HYDRODIS VN series represents an evolution of the general outline explained above, conjugating the characteristics of wetting agents with those of dispersing agents.

HYDRODIS VN has an excellent sequestering ability, because of its chemical nature (sodium salt of poly-phosphonic acid). It an effective chelating agent towards calcium and magnesium ions. It can therefore control the hardness of the process water.

In the preparation of coating products HYDRODIS VN allows to replace the usual combination of wetting/dispersing agents with the additional benefits of:

  • lower viscosity of the coating product
  • greater colors development of the pigment
  • greater colouring force
  • greater brilliance
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