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Laundry washing

Laundry with SEQUION

SEQUION are used for special functions:

  • stain removal,
  • bleach stabilization
  • anti-encrustation.

SEQUION valuable in non-phosphate laundry products where high carbonate levels otherwise lead to encrustation problems.

SEQUION should also be considered for addition laundry detergents.
In simple liquid laundry detergents can be obtained through the use of relatively low levels of dosage

SEQUION forway of controlling calcium carbonate scaling is through the use of a scale inhibitor.

Laundry with HYDRODIS


To take part in removing a lot of stains:

  • + 45% on egg & grass stains
  • + 70% on blood stains
  • ingredient for detergent HYPO - allergenic

Good compatibility with standard formulations

Excellent compatibility with enzymes extending the time-live

Reduction ashes content

Poliacrylate, Phosphonates, Phosphates, Enzyme (protease) are replaced HYDRODIS WP series

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