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Glass and bottle cleaning

In modern automatic plants, at concentrations between 20 and 200 ppm the SEQUIONS will improve washing and in the rinsing operation, at concentrations between 5 and 15 ppm, the Sequions will ensure sparkling results that are free of calcareous deposit.

The Sequion 10 H 60 and Sequion 20 H 45 are suggested for the washing and rinsing operations and Sequion CLR ( chlorine resistant) is reccommended for the disinfecting chlorination process.

The SEQUIONS are highly compatible compounds which can be safetly added to concentrated soda or concentrated detergents containing surfactants and anti-foams.

Glass and Bottle cleaning with HYDRODIS

One of the most important aspects of the bottling operation is the cleaning of the reusable bottle when it returns to the bottling plant.

Bozzetto has developed new product


used to improve the quality of washed bottles at a significant reduction in chemical cost.

The formulation with HYDRODIS WP 56 S, always has a caustic base and should have the following qualities:

  • Penetration should be sufficient to slide under dirt and label
  • Dispersion should divide the proteins into such fine particles that they become a stable colloidal solution
  • Good emulsification
  • Rinsing easily and giving brillant shine to glass.
  • Defoaming properties
  • Sequestring properties plus threshold effect
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