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Dish-washing liquids

Dishwashing with Sequion

SEQUION are excellent chelants and can be used to control hardness ions, such as calcium, magnesium and iron

SEQUION are very effective scale inhibitors at very low levels, reducing scale buildup caused by alkalinity

SEQUION act as dispersants and so keep soils suspended

SEQUION perform well in formulation for the Diswashing
They are well-suited for use in Diswashing formulations because of their ability to work in any temperature and pH level

Dishwashing with HYDRODIS

Hydrodis WP 562/N & Hydrodis WP 56 SN/G

HYDRODIS WP perform exceptionally well in formulation for the Diswashing

Tabs and powder:

  • Great contribution on removing stains
  • Important reduction of the corrosion
  • Important reduction of Phosphates
  • Significant cost-saving


  • Great contribution on removing fat stains
  • Keep under control water hardness
  • Significant alkaline reduction and elimination PHOSPHATES and NTA
  • Important corrosion inhibitor for "Crystal, glass and steel"

HYDRODIS WP Excellent alternative for Phosphate NTA and EDTA

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