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Specialties for beauty


Specialties for beauty

Gruppo Bozzetto is leader in the production and development of high-quality specialties. Thanks to a long-lasting experience and remarkable technical qualification, Bozzetto's R&D has recently developed a range of products specifically focused on some cosmetic applications.

Our "specialties for beauty" represent, in each suggested use, a basic innovation to emphasize the performances of cosmetic product, making it unique and advanced in comparison with other similar products.

"Specialties for beauty": they really make the difference!


    a cationic polymer for hair dyes with conditioning effect and a special capability in reducing color fading.


    a disperding agent for make-up color which improves pigment dispersion and covers brightness effect and uniformity with small concentration of product.


    a disperding/wetting agent for physical sunscreens; it improves texture and appearance of the emulsion.


    a fat-soluble chelating agent for the protection of perfume and lipidic phase.

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