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Celidon DIS & Biomegapal D 40


In order to satisfy an increasing demand to develop a “CHEAP recipe” for discontinues bleaching of cotton, the two products in object have been made to be used in combination.

Main advantages of BIOMEGAPAL D 40 :

  • It is a detergent with strong emulsifying properties on oils usually employed to lubricate knitting machines needles. It is particularly suitable in the scouring of knitted cotton and blends fabrics.
  • During first washing phases, when the bath temperature is of 30-40°C, BIOMEGAPAL D 40 removes more than 60-70% of the spot. Thanks to this synergetic action, it does not need high temperature to disperse oils. A complete scouring of the fatty substances is possible at low temperatures like at 60-70°C, thus we have an energy saving and a good reduction of pretreatment time, in case the articles do not undergo bleaching.
  • It exhibits a very good deterging, anti-redeposition effect on waxes and natural paraffin of the fibers.
  • It is stable to acids, alkalis, and reducing and oxidizing agents.
  • It is a low foam detergent thus suitable for any kind of equipment.
  • It can also be used in scouring of articles with synthetic fiber as the coning oils used for the secondary spinning of such fibers, is generally similar to the lubricating agents employed on the knitting machine.
  • It does not have phenol-derivatives nor halogenated toxic solvents; the solvents present on the product can rapidly degrade, therefore the product is to be considered “easily biodegradable”.

Main advantages of CELIDON DIS :

  • Bleaching stabilizer for hydrogen peroxide with sequestering properties.
  • Universal, it is suitable for many different kind of machineries, processes and it can be dosed automatically.
  • It has been developed to join different actions and avoid the addition of other auxiliaries necessary for the hydrogen peroxide process.
  • It allows to decrease the number of storage tanks when feeding with pure products.
  • Easy to dose and perfect dissolution in water it gives the opportunity to work in recipe with addition of a single auxiliary at multiple actions.
  • Environmental compatible, because it does not contain polyaminocarboxylates (EDTA, NTA…).

Both products are available in Filago storage and our sales office is on hand for supplying the relative quotation, technical and safety data sheets.

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