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The Building Chemicals Department of Bozzetto Group provides a wide range of products for the manufacture of admixtures for the concrete, mortar, grout and gypsum industries, namely:

  • Superplasticers (High Range Water Reducer)
  • Set retarding agents & workabilty retention extenders
  • Viscosity modifiers
  • Air entrainers and defoaming agents
  • Corrosion inhibitors for metallic moulds

All these products have been developed internally by our development laboratories and are based on proprietary technology consolidated over about 40 years experience. The central development laboratories are located in Italy and are constantly focusing on the development of products with innovative application properties.

The Building Chemicals Department of Bozzetto Group is distributed over 7 production plants located in Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Turkey and China. Our commitment is to supply the same high and guaranteed quality products from every plant.

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