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The concrete products line is constituted by active ingredients (not blends) needed to get high quality admixtures and the optimum cost to performance ratio in ready mix and pre-cast concrete.
To the concrete products line belong:

Superplasticers (High Range Water Reducers)

The superplasticers produced belong to two families:

  • FLUBE based on poly-naphthalene sulfonate polymers (NSF).
    • NSF calcium or sodium salt in liquid form.
    • NSF calcium or sodium salt in powder form.
  • SUPLA based on poly-carboxylic poly-ether polymers (PCE).
    • PCE polymers in liquid form
    • PCE polymers in powder form

Set retarders & workability retention extenders

These products belong to the phosphonate group.

Viscosity modifiers

Viscosity modifiers are used for the production of concrete being at the same time highly flowable and with a high cohesion and stability. They are especially used when concrete must be pumped over long distance or high height differences, for underwater casting and for self-compacting concrete.

Air entrainers and defoaming agents

Air entrainers produce a network of closed and finely divided bubbles needed in freeze/thaw resistant Structures. They are also used to produce bubbles of larger dimension needed to decrease the specific weight of structures.
Defoaming agents are suited to eliminate completely entrained air in concrete.

Corrosion inhibitor for metallic moulds

The corrosion inhibitor for metallic mould, soluble in the demoulding oils, is a film forming product which guarantees the surface properties needed to obtain high quality apparent concrete.

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